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Battery voltage monitors now available


Battery voltage monitors from Venom are now available!  We have both the Low Voltage Monitor for 2S to 8S LiPo batteries (RCTO1454) and the Battery Monitor for Receiver Packs (RCTO1456). These are small devices designed to be convenient to use in the field to check your voltages.

LiPo batteries should not be drained too far, or else they will become damaged and you will not be able to recharge them.  The low voltage monitor Venom 0644 plugs into the balance port and gives you a quick readout of the total battery voltage as well as the voltage of each individual cell.  LiPo packs should be balanced, which means that the voltage of each cell should be close to the same as that for all the other cells.  The readout for individual cell voltages lets you monitor this. 

The monitor for receiver packs (Venom 0640) is great for nitro trucks and plugs into an open receiver channel to give you a reading of the receiver pack voltage.  It works with 4.8 or 6V NiCd and NiMh packs. 

Why is Venom 0640 only for nitro models?  With electric trucks, the receiver runs off the same rechargeable battery that powers the motor.  The driving force for nitro trucks comes from combustion of fuel in the engine cylinder, but nitro trucks also need to have electronics on board for servo control of the throttle and steering.  Hence, each nitro truck sports a small battery pack to power the receiver.  Not surprisingly, it is generally known as the "receiver pack".