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Coolest Toys on the Market


#1 CNET Top 5: Coolest remote-controlled toys of 2014

Our host, Donald Bell in this video by CNET.com, brings us the top five super fun remote controlled toys on the market today. From a little gadget that can keep an ordinary paper airplane in the air for over five minutes, to a totally radical little robot that you can control from your phone and actually spy on people, these toys are going to be the biggest hit at anyone’s house this holiday season. Cute and so much fun to play with, these toys will give kids and adults alike hours of fun. Some of them need to be assembled and others come fully ready to operate. No matter which one you choose, you’ll be amazed at everything they can do. Watch the full video here.

#2 Dad Does Guide to The Top Remote Control (RC) Toys for 2014

From the flying street hawk by the folks at HotWheels, to the incredible little girly girl oriented Noomie from WowWee toys, Nessel, writing for daddoes.com, brings us all the latest and greatest remote controlled toys for this year. Whether you’re buying these fun toys for your kids, or for your kid at heart, you’re bound to enjoy yourself playing with these incredible toys. From a car that turns into a plane, to that flying spy cam that can totally take being thrown over a wall, to the flying helicopters specially designed for those less than able pilots, you’re bound to find a remote controlled toy in this list that will make everyone on your holiday list jump for joy. See the full article here for all the details and fun videos of these toys in action.

#3 RC Hovering Jump Jet Has a Design For The Times

If you’ve always wanted your own Harrier jet, and let’s face it, who hasn’t, then you’re going to love this article by Edwin, for coolest-gadgets.com, on the latest remote controlled Jump Jet that can also hover like a helicopter. Able to perform vertical take offs and landings, this awesome little remote controlled jet also flies like a jet and did we mention it also can hover like a helicopter? Like we said, it’s your very own remote controlled Harrier, without all the expense of jet fuel, not to mention the regulations and maintenance costs. Besides, where could you possibly park a full sized Harrier? This fabulous toy is going to give you hours of fun and make you a big hit with both the kids in your life, and those who are still kids at heart. Read the full article here.

#4 Best Remote Controlled Cars 2014

If your heart wants all the top sports cars available, but you’re not exactly Jay Leno and your wallet really isn’t in his league, then you’re going to love this article by T3.com. Now you can give in to your most expensive sports car desires, in the remote controlled versions and still save a bit of money to pay for that garage to park your full sized vehicle in. From the 100mph of the Traxxas XO-1 RC Super car to the Fast Lane RC Snake Bite monster truck, you’re bound to find the super fun, smaller size vehicles of your dreams that won’t break the bank, but still provide hours of fun. To see them all, read the full article here.