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Electric RC Cars

Holiday Alert - Top Choices in Electric RC Cars for Kids:

Atomik Brian Deegan Metal Mulisha Ford Fiesta Rally Car

Redcat Racing Tremor SG Truggy

Redcat Racing Sandstorm Baja Buggy

Electric rc cars run on rechargeable batteries (NiCD, NiMH, or LiPo) and can be lightning quick.  These are usually the best type to start with, rather than fueled models, if you are new to the hobby.  Electric models range from slower ones for younger or newer hobbyists to very fast cars with brushless motors and LiPo batteries.  Some of them can go over 50 mph!  Many expert hobbyists who want a fast car, but do not want to deal with fine tuning the engine performance, also prefer electric rc cars over nitro or gas models.