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Great for kids: Steerix STRX-9 electric rc boat


The new Steerix STRX-9 electric rc boat is now in stock!  We've tested it and we think it's a great entry level boat for kids that won't break the bank.  The micro size, 11" long from bow to stern, is ideal for pools and ponds.  Many electric boats are a bit large to maneuver in a pool, but the STRX-9 is just right.  It also features true proportional control for the throttle and has rudder steering, so it behaves more like a real boat compared to vector-push style kids' toys.  With vector-push controls, steering is done by shutting off one of two propellers.  The proportional throttle control lets you quickly adjust the speed from barely moving to full blast and back.  The ability to go slowly comes in handy if you have to navigate through ducks, for instance.  At our location in Cincinnati, we have swans and geese who like to investigate anyone and anything approaching the shoreline.  We like to be able to drive slowly to get away from the traffic, then punch it!

The STRX-9 also comes with a field charger, 2.4GHz radio, and more.  Watch our unboxing and test drive videos here to see whether this is the boat for you!

For those unfamiliar with Steerix, it is not a new company.  Rather, Steerix is a new brand under the Venom Group aimed at the entry level/kids market.