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Indoor RC Helicopter

Enjoy an indoor rc helicopter at the office or at home!  Micro sized models with gyro stabilization are inexpensive and easy to fly, even for truly novice pilots. It is also simpler to learn to fly inside where there is no wind, so an indoor model is a fine choice for a beginner rc helicopter. Micro models are cheaper, too - something parents and struggling students often appreciate!  A good quality, basic three channel heli such as the Syma S107G can be purchased for under $30.  Outdoor models usually cost twice this amount, or perhaps more.

Coaxial indoor helicopters from Syma, Team RC, and UDI are fun and reliable for both kids and adults.  The U809 Missile Launching Helicopter has been quickly catching on with our customers and makes a great birthday present.  The Team RC Hawk Talon Mini V2 is another fun choice.  It is one of the smallest gyro stabilized helicopters you'll find, at just 5" long!  Techie types who won&#39t get caught dead without their iPods and iPhones can thoroughly enjoy an iPhone controlled S107i helicopter.  The iPhone dongle that comes with it can be used with other helicopter models from Syma and UDI as well.

Many, though not all, of our indoor rc helicopter models come with an infrared controller.  These are very reliable indoors, but should not be flown outdoors except after dark since sunlight interferes with infrared signals.  See our section on outdoor rc helicopters if you want to fly outside.  Some models are listed in both categories because they can be used either inside or out.  These have either FM or 2.4GHz transmitters that are not affected by sunshine.