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Nitro RC Cars

Mechanics at heart who thrive on tuning their rides and want a car with a piston engine that makes noise love nitro rc cars and trucks!  The Shockwave Nitro Buggy and Nitro Rustler are two customer favorites.

Nitro cars run on special hobby fuel containing nitromethane.  This fuel is sold in quarts or gallons as a percentage of nitromethane, e.g., 20% nitro.

All nitro models require an engine break-in period before running wide open throttle and also require tuning of the carburetor for optimum performance.  For these reasons, nitro cars are fun but more complex to operate than electric ones and are suggested for hobbyists ages 14 and up.  Follow all manufacturer instructions for break-in and setup, including using nitro fuel.  Putting gasoline into a nitro engine will void the warranty.  A separate starter kit is needed with some nitro rc cars we sell - see product details for info!