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5 Ways To Build Tracks


#1) Build a LEGO Race Track for Hot Wheels Cars

Do you have boys that love Hot Wheels and LEGOs? If you’re a mom always looking for ways to help them enjoy their toys and get creative with how to use them, then you’ll love this article by Sarah for Frugalfun4boys.com. Sarah shows us how she and her boys used their LEGOs to build a cool race track for their Hot Wheels and even have a starting gate and finish line. They have hours of fun with this great and easy to do set up, and building it was half the fun! For all the information, and complete instructions, read the full article here.

#2) Building of the Biggest Motocross Track Ever?

South Florida is getting the biggest motocross track ever! In this video and article by Wes Williams for vurbmoto.com we get the inside scoop on the building of this amazing new track. With millions of tons of dirt being brought in to create the ramps and jumps, the design of which has been considered unparalleled in the sport today, this track won’t just raise the bar; it’s taking it to another county! Keep your eye on this site to stay up on all the latest construction details and read the full article here.

#3) Track Time! Matchbox Police And Fire Vehicles

If you or your favorite guy or girl is a matchbox car fan, then you’re going to love this Video by RaceGrooves. He tries out a bunch of cool police and fire matchbox vehicles on his fabulous matchbox track set up with a whole bunch of full loops. No surprise the Lamborghini police vehicle was the first one to do really well on the track, but there were others that also did really well. Of course, there were also quite a few those ended up upside down after failing to get up to speed, but a good majority of them made it. If you’re wondering if your favorite matchbox police or fire truck did well on this amazing track set up, then watch the full video here.

#4) DIY Roads and Ramps For Toy Cars

If the little boys in your life are getting bored with their old car and track sets, then give those cars new life by using this great make it yourself wooden track set up. Allison Waken for allfortheboys.com shows us exactly how to create and use this incredible car track and ramp set. Not only will the kids have a great time using these fun and sturdy car tracks and ramps, but they can also enjoy the process of making them. This will be a full service activity helping your little ones learn a little about construction and painting and the power of being able to make something yourself that you can then use and have fun with. The article has great informative photographs as well as a link to the full, detailed instructions on how to make these fun ramps and car tracks. To get all the information, read the full article here.