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Awesome Stunts to Do With Your RC Car and Plane

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The skinny is this!! You’ve built you’re RC plane and/or car, it’s the coolest thing since sliced bread and you’ve mastered all the basic techniques on how to operate your killer RC unit. What next? Bad ass stunts and tricks, of course! Can you handle some of these? Why yes, yes you can! Let’s play…and play hard with these! Carry on!

For all you RC plane enthusiasts:

#1: Inside Loop

  • You want to keep your plane at least 50 feet off the ground and make sure you are flying level. Aim the plane so that it is flying straight ahead.
  • Raise the RC airplane’s throttle to the maximum while pulling the elevator stick towards you as gently as possible. Make sure you hold the elevator all the way back so your airplane can do the first part of the loop.
  • Once the plane reaches the apex of the loop, lower the RC airplane’s throttle. Leave the elevator stick in the same position as the plane finishes the second half of the loop. Holding the elevator stick back will bring the plane vertically through it.
  • Finally, put the elevator stick into the neutral position as soon as the plane finishes the loop. Then slowly open up the throttle to keep the plane steady as it goes back to its normal flight path.

#2: Roll

  • With the RC airplane in a straight flight path, push up on the elevator stick. You want the nose of the RC airplane to point upward so the RC airplane will stay at the same height while it rolls.
  • Now push the rudder to the left, which allows the plane to enter the roll.
  • Once the RC plane finishes the roll, put the elevator stick into the neutral position.
  • Finally, move the elevator stick down just enough so that the plane straightens back out after it has finished the roll.

No plane? No problem! Get those RC Cars out for some cray-cray-ziness:

#1: MidAir Flip

  • Place your ramp in an area with plenty of space. A good idea would be a large backyard or park.
  • Place your remote control truck a good distance from the ramp.
  • Accelerate! Steer towards the ramp and go off it.
  • Repeat a few times to practice. Just jump without any tricks until you get the hang of it.
  • When you have practiced a few times, do the same thing, but this time accelerate sharply while the car is on the ramp.
  • Accelerate to full speed or reverse full speed in mid-air, depending on whether you want to do a front or back flip.
  • Now you can flip a remote control car! Go show off to your friends!

#2: The RC Drift

  • You will need an RC drift car that has 4 wheel drive like the nitro RC drift cars or the electric RC drift cars.
  • Electric RC cars are better than nitro for those with less experience.
  • Smooth tires are necessary when learning how to drift.
  • The track must be low-friction. Four wheel drive is necessary when you are figuring out how to drift. Without this element of control, your car won't slide the way it is supposed to, and it may well flip during the experience. Learning how to drift takes time, so dig the experience. Electric RC cars won't break down while you're learning how to drift.
  • Lastly, remember that the drifting experience only works with a low-friction track or with a high powered car (preferably nitro) that won't lose speed on a sticky surface. Happy Drifting!

Time to play! Play hard, play well!