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Best Bashing Rigs


One of the most fun things to do with your remote control vehicle is to bash and smash things. We know this and that’s why we went to the web to find the most fun RC vehicle on the market today, for bashing and smashing. Once we came up with our favorite, we also found some great articles from the folks who've been putting these amazing rides through their paces, as well as some great options for boosting the performance that will have you wanting to run out and try all the new stuff.

Traxxas Slash F-150 SVT Raptor RTR w/iD Connector Red

Like the name implies, this awesome truck is great at slashing and bashing. Found on the fabulous site for all things RC, rctohobby.com, this amazing vehicle will give you all the smashing excitement you’re looking for in an RC truck. With awesome features like waterproof electronics, mud terrain tires and digital steering servo, this beast was built to take on the mud, the dirt, the rocks and anything else you want to throw its way. So take it out and have some rockin’ fun after you go get all the details here.

Watch and Listen: We Drive the Traxxas Slash with On-Board Audio

In this article and accompanying video brought to us by Peter Vielra for rccaraction.com, we get to see and hear the awesome Traxxas Slash with new on board audio going through its paces. The engine sounds you hear are actual recordings of the bigger version of this amazing truck so the sound is very realistic. In addition, the sound system is waterproofed so you can still get up to all the wet and muddy fun you would normally put your Traxxas Slash through with no worries on damaging that awesome sound system. Check out this beast in action by watching the video below and read the full article here.

Traxxax Low-CG Slash 2WD Chassis

If you’ve been looking for a way to give you Traxxas Slash a lower center of gravity and thereby more speed, then you’ve got to check out this article by Greg Vogel for rcdriver.com. He gives you all the details on the latest conversion package offered by Traxxas for turning your high profile Traxxas Slash into a speed demon. This great aftermarket conversion kit is straight from the folks at Traxxas so there’s no worry about having the parts fit and the kit comes in a variety of color options. Check out this awesome new option by  reading the full article here.

RC Car Action: Building the Ultimate Race-Ready Traxxas Nitro Slash

In this article by Kevin Hetmanski for prolineracing.com, he gives us the full low down on how he turned is Traxxas Nitro Slash into a full on racing beast. Always a fan of modifying his RC vehicles he wanted to upgrade his Nitro Slash to a vehicle that would take his local RC track at top speeds. In the article, Kevin tells us exactly which modifications he made, gives a complete parts list that includes pricing and links on where to go get them and some advice on pitfalls to look out for when making the modifications. Check out all the details by  reading the full article here.