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Best Winter Toy EVER


Photos Courtesy of: Supercompressor

With snow still on the ground, getting the most of it is key to enjoying this home stretch of the winter months. Whether it is skiing, sledding, or firing up the snowmobiles, there are a million different ways to get out in the snow and have a great time. If you are looking for an exciting adventure that is far from the norm, checking out the Snow Crawler from the prototype and research company, Mind Sailors. While this incredible looking machine is still in its infancy of being just a concept, it looks like one of the coolest winter recreational vehicles ever drawn up and is sure to be loads of fun.

The dream combination of a race car and a snowmobile, the Snow Crawler ATV will be the ultimate snow machine with a head start on innovation. One of the biggest benefits of this machine is the closed cabin. While snowmobiling is a blast, being exposed to the elements isn't always the most pleasant of experiences. This closed environment allow for the rush of a snowmobile which staying warm and comfortable.

Unfortunately, because this machine is still just a concept, there are no specifications or details about the mechanical makeup of this beautiful snow cruiser. For the time being however, we can all admire this incredible concept and envision the trails and hills we will inevitably be tearing up if we ever get the chance to step into the driver's seat of one of these machines.

Have you ever seen a hill you wanted to conquer, but knew if was too tough for your snowmobile? Or have you tried to conquer that hill and discovered the hard way that it was too difficult for your snow machine? With the Snow Crawler ATV, this problem will be a thing of the past. One of the biggest points of emphasis in the creation however has been that the Snow Crawler ATV can take on trails that a standard snowmobile would not be able to handle. This is obviously an enticing sales pitch to those who live for more of an adrenaline rush than others and will certainly make it a popular item for the snow junkies, as long as it falls into a reasonable price range for the majority of people.

Do you want to see this machine built? Would you buy one if it was on the market? Let us know how interested you are in this awesome looking snow toy!