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Building a Pro-Line Stadium Truck: How-To


If you are in the RC world these days, chances are, you enjoy building your own RC models, maybe even modifying some of them to get both a different style and a different drive. From RC cars, helicopters, planes, boats, and any other RC options you can think of, modifying them can be a little tricky, but can also be very rewarding in the end. If you are looking to do a conversion to a stadium truck from a standard model, one of the best options is using the Pro-Line Racing PRO-MT model which has a great kit that can easily be used for more custom design to give you a great looking stadium model look. Stadium truck racing from the 80's can no longer be a thing of the past after some of these simple modifications and tweaks.

One of the first steps you will have to take to modify the PRO-MT model into a PRO-ST Stadium Truck model is using the 3397-00 BullDog Clear body RC car for the T4.2 model from Pro Line Racing. This could mean an additional purchase for you besides the PRO-MT kit, but it will be well worth it in the end if stadium truck racing is truly your end goal for the modification process. You will also need a set of 4 x 7852 wheels from Pro Line Racing's Team Association series. For your tire option, you will most likely want to go with the 8205-17 Suburbs T 2.2' MC Compound tires from Pro Line Racing.  For the final addition to your stadium truck modification process, you will also need the back end of the Pro Line Racing PRO-2 Buggy Kit.

As you begin fixing the body with the chassis, make sure you are using a long M4 x 16 mm button head screw as it will be the best size and length to extend the Center Read body mount stud.  Once you have done this, you will have to fit a 4mm washer spacer as to stop the body from touching the rear shock tower. You will then screw the M4 x 16 mm screw into the rear mount and then cut off the head of the screw. As an extra tip to cut down on weight, remove the side pod extensions for a more professional look.

As we move to the rear bumper, you will first have to remove the stock PRO-MT bumper as it is unnecessary to the finished stadium truck model.

There is your simple and basic rundown for modifying your own PRO-MT RC car from Pro Line Racing into a PRO-ST Stadium Truck. You are now ready to go hit the racetrack and show all your friends what an RC gearhead you are.