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Buzzing: Remote Controlled Planes

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For all the kids, big kids, little kids, and especially adult kids who want to get high, in the sky, here are some tips on getting your remote control plane off the ground. It’s fun, challenging, and will have you entertaining yourself for days, weeks, and quite possibly years!

The Radio Transmitter and Receiver

This device is the brain of the operation and you never want to cheap out when it comes to the radio, if it glitches you can crash or even worse, decapitate someone, ok maybe not behead a friend, but seriously injure them. Most radios come with two or more channels.


The strong geared electric motor used to make the flaps, rudder and throttle work. These come in several sizes and are rated by how much torque they can produce. They plug into the receiver through a three conductor wire. Again, stick with a good brand and I test them before installing them into the aircraft.


The direction you move the control sticks needs to be the same for everything you try to fly so you don't have to teach yourself a new aircraft every time.

What will Power Your Plane? Make a Choice

Electrics are usually smaller aircraft cleaner and quieter, and they come in a variety of sizes and materials. Here are some pro's and con's of electrics.


If your plan is to build one from plastic like the Aircore Your going to be flying in a couple of weekends because the kit builds fast using contact cement or super glue.

If your going to make a Balsa airplane (which fly better because they are stiffer and lighter), it will be a few weeks of building but you will have fun working with the wood. Its super light and most kits from Great planes or Topflight have good instructions.

Pre Flight Checks and Double Checks

Always consider going over your aircraft before each flight, the radio range test should be done at least once before a days flying. If your using a FM radio one with a long antenna keep the antenna down on your transmitter and walk at least 100ft away from the airplane, you should have jitter free operation, if you don't, fix it before you fly. Do the test with it running and move around the airplane to make sure you don't have a any blind spots.

Learning How to Fly

There are many training courses you can take to help better your flight skills. Let’s face it, you’ve spent a ton of time, and spent a little coin your aerial work of art, crashing it would seriously suck!

Building and flying model aircraft’s is a challenging hobby, and it’s not for the weak at heart. If you don’t take your time building things correctly, the fun will be not so much. Try to size your aircraft to your home and car. If it's a pain in the booty to move, you will more than likely not fly as much as you thought you might. Good luck, GodSpeed and have a blast!