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Commercial Drones Get Approval to Fly


The First Commercial Drone Test Site is Now Operational

In this article by Adi Robertson for theverge.com, we learn about the current testing programs for drones going on and planned for the future in the United States. The drones are currently be tested in various areas to see if they will be worthwhile in testing and photographing farming operations. It is hoped that the drones will be able to capture and analyze footage from the fields and collect safety and maintenance data. They are set to move on to a game preserve in North Dakota next. Get all the great innovation information by reading the full article here.

FAA Approves First Commercial Drone Flights Over Land

Drone flights are now being allowed over land according to this article by Frederic Lardinois for techcrunch.com. The article talks about how the oil and gas company, BP will be using these drones for aerial surveys over the Prudhoe Bay oil field on Alaska’s North Slope. In addition, the new approval will allow for other companies to begin using drones to complete 3D mapping surveys. One of the locations they are currently surveying is the Arctic waters. With this new approval, the drone industry is expected to start moving forward and expanding as new uses for the technology are realized. Get all of the information by reading the full article here.

Syma X1 QuadcopterPress Release –FAA Approves First Commercial UAS Flights Over Land

Les Dorr,Jr and Alison Dquette releasing this press release for faa.gov state that the new drone approval will assist in aerial surveys of pipelines and infrastructure issues on Alaska’s North Slope. The BP Company will be able to keep a much closer eye on their pipeline by using the aerial drone’s photography capability. The drone being used is a Puma AE hand launched four and half foot long drone with a nine foot wingspan. This drone will be very helpful in allowing BP to meet their operational and reliability goals. Previously, drone were only allowed to fly over Arctic waters, however, this new waiver to allow the drones over land can be just what the industry has needed to really get off the ground. Read the full article here.

FAA Lets 4 Companies Fly Commercial Drones

Trimble Navigation Limited, VDOS Global, Clayco Inc. and Woolpert Inc are the four companies that have just received permission from the FAA to start flying commercial drones, according to this article by Bart Jansen for usatoday.com. Each company has a different goal to accomplish now that they have their approval. Trimble will be performing precision aerial surveys, VDOS will be inspecting flare stacks for Shell oil, Clayco will be surveying construction sites and Woopert will be mapping Ohio and Ship Island, Mississippi. All of the companies are using various types of drones that are specifically designed to handle the type of work they will be doing. You’ll want to get all of the fascinating details about the drones, and their uses by reading the full article here