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Create Your Own Crawling Course!


If you have a top of the line rock crawler for an RC truck, finding the perfect crawling course can sometimes be a difficult task to accomplish. This may be determined by where you live, or just that the ones already built are not up to your standards or liking. Rather than trying to track down the ideal course to tackle with your truck, why not take the initiative and build an awesome one yourself? If you are interested in going with this option, here are a few helpful tips and tricks to get you started so you can have the perfect course for you and all your friends.

When it comes to creating an amazing crawling course, simplicity is your friend, as long as it is done in the right way. No one wants any absurd obstacles to go over or around that are sure to tip the car over 100 percent of the time. When designing the track, make sure it is doable and that competitors can get from point A to point B, but still forces them to combine power and an efficient strategy to conquer the trek. 

Another great way to keep things fun and interesting when creating these courses is to make it increasingly more difficult the further the drivers get into the track. Introducing easier obstacles and elements to maneuver around will keep things even and keep your driver's confidence boosted, until the larger, more difficult challenges come later in the course that will effectively separate the men from the boys. 

While it may not seem like something you need to focus on, safety should always be at the top of your list when coming up with the right design and location for your crawling course. While the crawlers are likely to be just fine throughout the course, there is always a chance that the people driving the RC trucks could trip or fall while maneuvering themselves around the rocky and uneven terrain. When designing your course, be sure you take into account all the possible areas that people may be walking and standing so you can assure the safety of all those participating in your crawler course.

Finally, make sure you let the creative juices flow when you are designing the course and have some fun with it. Do you want the drivers to have to maneuver their wheels across two sticks for a bridge over a creek? Maybe a ramp will launch them over a deep mud puddle. Make it exciting, and you and the other drivers can keep coming back to your awesome course day after day.