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Did You Miss IFMAR?


VRC Pro Track & Buggy Updates

What’s more fun than racing remote controlled super buggies on a fabulous track? Well that’s a great question and VRC Pro for Redrc.net shows us how doing it virtually may be just as fun, and less expensive should you end up crashing your fabulous car. In this article, we get all the details on the latest Virtual version of the Naxos track in Sicily. With a side by side video, we can see the last real race on that track and the virtual version. The game animation is amazingly real! For all the details see the video and read the full article here.

Team Associated’s new Buggy Spotted at the IFMAR Worlds

For all your remote control racing car fans out there, this article by Rccaraction.com is really going to start your engines running. At the IFMAR, the RC Car Action Team got a good look at Team Associated’s latest car that is still in the research and development stage. We aren’t allowed to know all the technical details since it’s still under wraps, but we do get to see the outside and it looks awesome. The RC team said that it’s super fast, and really shiny. That’s certainly a great starting point for getting excited about this upcoming new remote control car that will be hitting the market soon. Read the full article here.

JQ Questions IFMAR Worlds ’14 Plans

In this article, Phil for neobuggy.net brings us an open letter from Joseph Quagraine or JQ as the fans call him, questioning the addition of four practice days to the upcoming World’s Championship RC races at the Naxos track in Sicily, Italy. Apparently, things have been so up in the air that even our best racers can’t get a straight answer on when the event is taking place. JQ makes the excellent point that everyone got into this activity because it was supposed to be fun. With the added days and late notice on when the event is going to take place, the drivers who now have to take two weeks off work instead of one, are paying more and more just to participate and it hardly seems fair to anyone involved. JQ makes many good and salient points in this open letter and you can read the full article here.

Worlds: 2016 IFMAR Worlds to be held in Las Vegas!

Coming to us from Aaron Waldron, in this article for liverc.com, we’re getting the big news that the 2016 IFMAR World’s is going to be held at the brand new RC Tracks Las Vegas, operated by former professional motocross racer, Chris Tocco. The track looks amazing already and they are just putting the finishing touches on the pit area and amenities. Located right near McCarran International Airport and just two blocks from the strip, this new track is going to attract a lot more spectators as well as top level drivers. For all the details and preliminary photos of the new track, read the full article here.