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DIY: Your Own RC Toy


DIY Wireless RC Remote Controller for Robots, Quadcopter

In the world or remote control fun, there’s nothing more fun than having a remote controller that’s as responsive as we want it to be. In this article by Oscar for oscarliang.net, he shows us how he actually created his own fantastic remote controller. With photos, videos and some incredibly detailed explanations, Oscar gives us the full low down on his device from its inception to completion. If you’re thinking of making your own remote controller for your favorite robot, car or helicopter, then you’re going to want to learn from all the research and development that Oscar did, by reading the full article here.

Biggest RC paper plane EVER built crashes spectacularly

In this fantastic video by awesomenews zz we see something that you simply must watch to believe. This huge paper, remote controlled paper airplane takes six people to get it in place prior to take off. Yes, it’s really that big. After some adjustments and a few false starts, not to mention some herculean efforts to get it off the ground, the plane does finally take off and fly a bit, and then, as the title states, it crashes spectacularly. For all the nail biting excitement, watch the full video above.

Australian Man Designs & 3D Prints a Working RC Boat on His DIY 3D Printer

While many people have been experimenting with creating their own 3D printers by adapting their current 2D ink jet models, and many more people have been creating their own remote controlled toys, this is the first time writer, Whitney Hipolite for 3dprint.com, has seen someone who has done both and been successful! John Semmens of Australia thought this brain wracking project would be fun, and since it was all a huge success, we guess he was right. For all the details of how he accomplished this amazing task, read the full article here.

DIY RC Car Controlled with Arduino

If you’ve wanted to try out the new way of controlling your remote controlled car with Aruino, but have been having difficulty getting all the steps done in a way that makes it work, then you’ll love this article by Icruicks for instuctables.com. In it, Icruicks gives us a step by step process with instructions and pictures to show us exactly how to do it. If you’ve always thought this would be too complex a task to take on, then you’ll be surprised at how easy Icruicks make it look. For all the details read the full article here.

How to Make Your Very Own DIY Instrument Kit Plane

In this incredibly informative and really easy to follow video, the folks at Technology Will Save Us show us exactly how to make our own instrument kit plane. The instructions are really easy to follow and detailed and while the video is a bit speeded up, so you may find yourself pausing it to catch up to them, by the end of it, you’ll have a fun new instrument kit plane to enjoy. Watch the full video above.