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First Time Scalers


If you’re just breaking into the super fun world of remote control scaling then you’re going to love the articles and fun equipment we found for you. With great tips and hints on where and how to get started, and some great starter vehicle information, these articles will help you on your way to finding the enjoyment so many have, when they get out there and start scalin’.

Everybody’s Scalin’ – Recommendation for Your First Scaler

In this article by Doug for Bigsquidrc.com, he gives you his recommendation for a first time scaler. According to the article, the Axial Deadbolt SCX10 is the way to go for your first vehicle. Easy to use and great right out of the box, this model also holds its resale value when you want to trade up and has plenty of aftermarket support available if you love it so much you want to jazz it up a bit. Reasonably priced and often available used, this is great first choice when you’re just getting started in the world of scalin’. Check out all the pros and cons and details by reading the full article here.

Pro-Line PRO-MT Now Available as “Pro-Built” RTR with Castle & Airtronics Gear

While this probably isn’t the least expensive vehicle out there, as it’s all built by hand, Kevin Helmanski writing for rccaraction.com still thinks it’s a great place to start your scalin’ fun. This ramped up model has all the benefits of something you put together yourself, except you don’t have to go out and build, because it’s all there. Just take it out of the box and start having fun. Built tough, but limited in the number available, you may hope to get one on a resale site, but if you want one any time soon, you best go out and order yours now. Get all the details on this awesome truck by reading the full article here.

Traxxas Telluride

Traxxas Telluride 4X4 Extreme Terrain 1/10 Scale

Reasonably priced and built for fun, the new Traxxas Telluride 4X4 Extreme Terrain posted on Rctohobby.com is ready to rock and roll right out of the box. With several colors to choose from, you can make sure you get the one that’s just right for you. In addition, if you and your friends are all getting started in the scalin’ realm, then you will be able to tell your vehicles apart. Of course, once you’ve had it for even a short time, you’ll no doubt be customizing them anyway, but in the beginning we all have to start somewhere. You can get all the great info on this fabulous truck right here.

Scale Crawler Must-Know Setup Tricks & Tips

Twenty five year RC veteran, Matt Higgins writing for rctruckstop.com gives some great tips, trick and hints when it comes to getting your scale crawler up to competition standards. In addition, he gives some great insight into why, after years of running your favorite RC vehicle and really making it the best it can be, you find out it’s not really up to a level to beat the completion. With all the great insight you’ll get from this article, you’ll be looking at your RC vehicle in a whole new light. Get the details by reading the full article here.