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Fixing an RC Helicopter


If you are an RC enthusiast, chances are, you have had one or two issues with your RC toys and machines. Whether it is an unforeseen mechanical error, or you too a spill of that huge jump you swear you could land, we have all had our RC toys beat up a time or two.  These machines aren't too cheap, which tends to mean the repairs aren't very cheap either. If you aren't able to afford the repairs on your RC car, helicopter, boat, or plane, you could be out of luck, and worse, out of an RC machine. Today we are going to walk you through some simple steps in repairing your RC machine, specifically your helicopter in an attempt to save you some money in the long run.

First off, the helicopter. one of the more popular of the flying machines when it comes to the RC world, a minor break or mechanical error to one of these can put them out of commission for quite a while as you may or may not have learned the hard way. If you are determined to repair your RC helicopter on your own for the present time and the future, one of the first things you will need to purchase is a tool kit that will fit micro parts, such as a "00" or "000" screwdriver set. Another great thing to invest in is some Krazy Glue as it can work wonders in many different scenarios.

Another great trick you can do for preventative care for your RC helicopter is by using some Loctite glue on the machine. When you get the machine, consider taking it apart and applying Loctite glue to all the screw holes so that when you put it all back together, the screws will stick into the glue and hold better. This will make any parts much less likely to fly off when they are involved in a crash, which is a very common problem especially in some cheaper models.

As far as wise, long term investments go when considering care for your RC helicopter, purchasing a performance battery is one of the best buys you can make. These batteries can give you longer life in the skies, as well as give your machine more power which will lead to faster, more enjoyable flying. Another investment you can make in the life of your RC helicopter is performance blades to swap out for the general, stock blades on your helicopter. These blades are typically a little bit lighter and better designed, which will also give your helicopter better flight, leading to more fun for you.

A lot of the care for your helicopter can be taken care of in the preventative steps when you initially buy the helicopter. Investing wisely into your RC machine, as well as having basic repair tools on hand will all lead to you having a more enjoyable experience with flying RC helicopters.