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How Drones are Helping Humans


While they may be incredibly advanced, drones are still very much in their infancy stages of technology. These machines are being used in every possible environment in the 21st century, from recreational fun for civilians, to the most intense military operations. Drone technology is seeing some incredible innovations and advancements in use today, with several projects being at the forefront of the push to integrate them into more fields. From first responder situations, to commercial usage, these drones are drastically changing how the world operates and will no doubt continue to do so in the coming years.

One of the biggest projects in the drone community is through the company, CyPhy Works, founded by Helen Greiner. Greiner is also the co-founder of a revolutionary division of drones and robotics, called iRobot. Greiner was inspired by Star Wars at a very young age and immediately fell in love with drones and robotics. Greiner sees the future of drones as playing a big role in the everyday lives of humans on both a small and large scale. The type of drones, such as the iRobot project, allow for great views for an area without putting any one in danger in the situation. As Greiner says herself about the iRobot pocketflyer drone "you take it out of your pocket, you send it in, and it can go around, it can search, it can take a look at what's inside so the person can stay at a safe, standoff distance."

Greiner also sees these kinds of robotics being used on the commercial level as Amazon has been toying more with the idea of instant delivery drones for packages. Greiner thinks this is due to the instant gratification need of the 21st century consumer and will only continue to grow.

In terms of safety and rescue situations, drones are a very useful tool for first responders as these drones can get into places that humans might not be able to get to and alert them of what the situation looks like. The Drone Pilot Program from 3D Robotics is training people to be successful in this kind of situation. As a spokesperson from the Drone Pilot Program says, "being able to watch my back, my left, my right, around a corner... knowledge is the life saver."

The continued development of drones is a great tool to help out many different aspects of the 21st century and we should only be seeing more of them around as time goes on.