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How to Build Your D413


Tips and Tricks: Building a D413 Diff

In this Video by Jesse Tessmann for Tytessman.com, you get step by step instructions on how to build a D314 diff. If you’re going to be building one of these babies, you’ll definitely want to check out this video as it has all the tips and tricks for a successful build. You see every detail of just how to build this, including where, when and how to oil all the pieces as you’re putting them together. In addition, you’ll want to pay special attention to putting the proper torque on your screws. Get all the great info by watching the full video here.

HB D413 Review: The Build

This latest iteration gets a full review in this article by Phil for neobuggy.net. From a detailed review of all the various parts and how they work, to the ease, or lack thereof of putting it together, this article takes a detailed look at the HB D413. If you’ve just purchased one of these beasts, or your thinking about it, you’ll probably want to read this informative article before either putting it together or making the purchase. Overall the review is positive but there may be sticking points for you depending on your abilities. Check out all the details by reading the full article here.

Photo Credit: NeoBuggyRC Network: Hot Bodies D413 – build Update 4.5 – Pro-Line Upgrades

If you’re thinking of upgrading to a new Hot Bodies D413, then you’ll want to read this article by Pro-Line Graphics Team for rcten.com. With all the details of the special items they chose for their build, and links for where to get them and the detailed information about each item, you can recreate this awesome vehicle or build one to your own tastes. In addition to the article itself, there’s also a great video that points out a lot of valuable information. When you’re ready to upgrade, you’ll definitely want to read this entire article here first.

Exotek D413 Wing Mount Set, Alloy Diff Cap & Spring Perch Set

So you’re either already updating your D413, or you’re just trying to decide what elements to get for the initial build. If this sounds like you, then you want to check out these options posted by Rceasy for rceasy.com. When you’re building your D413, you want your vehicle to end up being strong, fast and able to do what you want it to do. To make this happen, you have to make sure that every element is the correct one for the type of RC fun you want to have with it. Are you on the track? Do you normally go through a more rugged terrain? Maybe you’re into fun in the mud. Whatever your favorite way to RC is, you need to make sure you’re building the right tool for the job. Check out these great options right here and see if these are going to be your next fun additions to your D