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How to Build Your Own Rock Crawler


Build Your Own RC Rock Crawler for Backyard Off-Road Fun – or Just Watch Videos of Other People Doing it

If rock crawling is something you’ve always wanted to do, but you don’t have the funds to go out and buy yourself a big monster truck and trick it out for driving in the rough mountains, then you might want to scale down your vision and try remote control rock crawling. In this article by Mike for mikesense.com, he gives you all the info you’ll need to turn your remote control vehicle into a rock crawling monster. When it comes to rock crawling, it’s power not speed that’s important. You need to be able to maneuver your beast over all those rocky and steep surfaces so the chassis and tires are incredibly important. You’ll want to get all the great information on how to build your rock crawler by reading the full article here.

Building a Custom RC Rock Crawler

When it comes to top of the line remote control rock crawlers, Bender Customs was first and is the best in the business according to Pete Batch in this article for off-road.com. The article gives you step by step instructions on how to build an awesome rock crawler starting with a Bender SW2 chassis and incorporating some other awesome Bender parts that were invented by the owner of that company. Bender was the first one in the remote control business to really specialize in rock crawlers and we get to benefit from all of his team’s research and development. So get your glue and your tools out and read the full article here. Then start building your next rock crawler.

Building a Rock Crawler 101

The beauty of creating your own remote control rock crawler is that there is no one right way to do it according to this article by Jamesbernatchez for radiorcontrolzone.com. There are some basic things that are going to be the same or similar in most rock crawling vehicles, but since this is such a relatively new field of endeavor in the remote control world, there’s still a lot of research and development happening every day in garages around the world. That said, most folks don’t want to wait until everything has been figured out and want to get going on their rock crawling fun now. That’s where this amazing article comes in, giving you step by step instructions on how to make yourself a rock crawler that will provide hours of fun. Read the full article here.

Project: Traxxas Summit Crawler Build

If you’ve always wondered how well your Traxxas Summit would do in the world of rock crawling, then you’re going to want to check out this article by Tony Phalen for competition.com. Tony takes us through the process of creating an awesome rock crawling beast out of the Traxxas Summit. Originally known for its fabulous off road capability, with a few modifications, this truck can be turned into a fun rock crawling beast and when you read the full article here, you’ll know just how to do just that.