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How to Find a Local Racing Track


The RC car world is a great place to get connected with other people who share the same passion as you do for racing RC. If you are trying to get into the racing scene however, it can sometimes be difficult to find an RC club to be a part of, no matter where you might be. In certain situations, there may not even be an RC racing club in your area and you would have to travel to compete and participate, or create one for yourself. If you are in fact looking to find an RC racing club in your area, here are a few helpful tips to get you started.

One of the best ways to get involved in an RC club is to simply build one for yourself. Typically, most racers will find some patch of land or use their own backyards. These areas can provide the adequate space needed to create an intricate or simple track, with jumps, obstacles, and the ability to set it up with barriers. These are great places to really get your feet wet and get a starting point in the racing community. For those looking to step their game up to the next level however and are wanting a more intense form of competition, seeking an official club that meets at a more official track would be the perfect option.

If building your own track isn't a viable option, or if you are wishing to just participate in more intense racing scene, an already established track with an already established racing club may be the best route to go. If this is indeed what you are looking for, there are several great resources available at your disposal to get on the right track and find the right racing club in your area that meets your needs.

For the racer in the United States and Canada, the ROAR Track Locator has a great system for your to be able to track down the closest RC club to you so you can get into the action. Another outstanding resource for finding an RC track where you are is through the RC Zone. Not only can this site find you any track and club in the state you are in along with 11 different countries, but you can even search by track surface with nine different surfaces and course set ups.

For the RC driver looking to get into the racing scene, check out some of these helpful tips and resources so you can keep your hobby going.