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Playing in the Mud


RC Adventures – Mud Camouflage – Traxxas Summit 4X4

In this video by RCSparks Studio/djmedic2000 we get to see our erstwhile remote control adventurer take his upgraded Traxxas Summit 4X4 out for a super fun drive in the mud. He gives us some great tips on how to update our own RCs to give them more power and make them more fun to play with. The muddy conditions seem like they would be too much for this vehicle, but it takes the water and the mud in stride, whipping up rooster tails as it goes. The extra large tires really give it some good traction and after watching this video, we think you’ll be taking your own favorite RC truck into some fun mud. See the full video just above.

Off-Roading RC Trucks: Go Big or Go Home

Yeahmotor.com explores the rising popularity and the almost limitless possibilities, of remote controlled trucks. With the number of RC fans growing every day, and the amazing feats some people are able to get their RC vehicles to perform, it’s no wonder that the mainstream media is starting to take notice of the fun and excitement generated from the top of the line RC trucks available today. From weekly leagues to international racing tournaments, the RC world is growing and the name of the game these days is Go Big! To find out all the cool new opportunities in the RC community,  read the full article here.

For Bashers by Bashers!

When you’re ready to test the metal of your favorite remote controlled truck, you might want to follow some sage advice from writer Tim Mohr, in this article for bigsquidrc.com. When you’re trucks in the mud, you want big knobby tires and the best ones around are the new Mud Bashers. These tires will take your vehicle through the deepest mud. You know the mud we mean, the kind that’s up to the cab and stalling the average mud tire. To get all the specs on these fabulous tires,  read the full article here.

Prep for Mud & Muck with Novak

If you’re taking your RC trucks into the mud and muck and water, then you’re going to want to read this article by Mike Garrison for rcnews.net. The folks at Novak have been doing this kind of RC driving for years now and they have discovered how to protect the delicate electronic elements of your RC vehicle. In this article, they are sharing their secrets with you by giving you full descriptions and instructions on how to keep your favorite RC vehicle from succumbing to the elements. Get all the details for protection your RC ride by  reading the full article here.

RC 4X4 trucks – Rock Crawler Mudding

In this video on rcvideos.tv, you’ll see a tough little RC dune buggy make its way through water, the mud and even up a big mud hill. There are a couple of high side moments, but the buggy eventually does make it over the mound several times. It’s hard to believe this little beast can still run with its tires and chassis so covered in mud, but it keeps going. Watch the full video below.