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Quadcopters: Where To Fly


Syma X1 Quadcopter

Rumor has it you’re the kid who has everything! And when we mean kid, we mean ages 10-100! You have your RC boat, your RC car, and your RC plane! You even have your RC helicopter and hovercraft, but do you have a drone?! I’m sure you know what it is, but if you don’t, let’s give you a quick update! It’s the coolest aircraft UFO thingy you’ll ever fly! In fact, being the kid who has it all, you’re more than likely all over these things! Have a look at some of the latest drones and check out the new “no drone zones” in affect.

WL Toys V959 Quadcopter

This drone is marketed as a toy and packs a lot of great features. The built-in camera can be adjusted before take off to get you the best angle which is better than most of the inexpensive drones. The construction also boasts some carbon fiber so it will survive the inevitable crashes into the treetops as you get better flying it. The flight time tops out at 17 minutes which isn’t too bad at all! It’s also equipped with extra rechargeable batteries.

Nano QX RTF with SAFE

The Nano QX RTF is an entry-level lightweight quadcopter designed specifically for guys that were into RC planes in the past as this drone is designed for advanced maneuvers like sweeping around corners in your house and steady flights. The SAFE technology is meant to be the equivalent training wheels for your drone so you can fly relatively well right out of the box.

Haktoys HAK907

The Haktoys HAK907 has many of the same features previously mentioned, but it is more expensive than others on the list that have a built in camera. On this model the camera is sold separately. But it does have some cool LED lights and a much bigger propeller guard than many other inexpensive drones. A huge selling point on the HAK907 is the 6-axis gyro. Meaning you have more control over the flying making it easier to do aerial stunts and tricks.

Hobby Race RC Quadcopter Drone

While this guy is very similar to the Haktoys HAK907 in that it has LED lights, only 2 on the front though, and you can swap out rechargeable batteries for more air time, it only costs about half the price. It also has the same multi-axis gyro for better maneuverability. This also comes with a handful of spare parts so it is a complete package.

Top Race 4 Channel Micro Quad

Marked as the “Smallest Quadcopter in the World”, the TopRace TR-MQ1 is a very tiny, truly palm-sized drone. It is just an inch and a half square. While you don’t get a camera on this little fella and the range is not nearly as far as others on the list, it is hard not to want. They are cheap and have amazing functionality!

While all of these drones are fun and cool to fly, the authorities are locking down on where you can fly these little bundles of joy. Here’s a NO DRONE ZONE MAP to help you not get on the opposite side of the law. Have fun! Fly high!