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RC Airplane Tricks


One of the perks of owning an RC airplane is the limitless freedom of control it offers. From doing simple takeoffs and landings, to performing full barrel rolls and loops, the possibilities are endless.

Inside Loop

The inside loop is performed by flying an RC plane straight and then pulling the elevator stick to the max so it climbs, flips upside them, and then turns back to its original position. This is arguably one of the easiest tricks to perform, making it the perfect choice for newcomers to the hobby. Just remember to give yourself plenty of clearance, as completing a full loop (inside or outside) requires an open space that's free of obstruction.

Video: Inside Loop With RC Plane

Check out the video above to see an RC plane complete an inside loop.

Outside Loop

The outside loop is similar to the inside loop but with one distinguishable characteristic: the plane starts upside down and rolls right-side up as it performs the loop. To perform an outside loop, keep your plane inverted and press the elevator stick to perform a loop. When your plane reaches the top of the outside loop, drop back the power and roll through 180 degrees until it's right-side up. Congratulations, you've just performed an outside loop!

Can't seem an RC plane that's capable of performing an outside loop? Try the J-Power T-28 Trojan . Featuring a brushless outrunner motor and four 3.7-gram servos, it's a powerful yet easy to maneuver plane that RC enthusiasts are sure to appreciate.

Barrel Roll

Assuming your RC plane has ailerons, you can perform a barrel roll by flying straight on half throttle, and lightly pressing up on the elevator stick, followed by pressing either left or right (depending on which way you want to roll) on the aileron. Keep the throttle stick low as your plane begins to roll, and when it begins to invert, release the elevator and press down on the elevator. When the plane is completely inverted, bring both the elevator and aileron to neutral.

Video: RC Plane Roll

This video is a pretty good demonstration of an RC barrel roll.

Pattern Flying

Tired of performing the same tricks with your RC plane over and over? If so, you may want to try pattern flying. As the name suggests, it involves aerobatic maneuvers performed flawlessly. However, pattern flying should only be attempted by planes smaller than 2 meters in length and wingspan and weigh less than 11 pounds. The National Society for Radio Controlled Aerobatics (NSRCA) hosts several major pattern flying competitions throughout the United States.