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RC Boat Tips and Tricks


So you’re already into remote control cars, trucks and various flying vehicles, but you know it’s time to start ramping up your remote control boating. After all, spring is just around the corner and before you know it summer will be here and it will be time for some serious water sports. We saw this coming and searched the net for some awesome articles to help you get started on your path to remote control boating fun. You’ll find everything you need to get started in the articles below.

This RC U-Boat is Unbelievable! Must Have for Your Swimming Pool!

If remote control boating seems to slow of a past time for you, but you still want to take your remote control fun into the water, then you’re going to love this article by Mac for nocarnofun.com. Announcing the new remote control submarine! Developed by model builders in Europe’s ship model club “de Modelshippers eV” this awesome U-boat can dive. Mac also posted a fabulous video of the sub and other aquatic RC vehicles in action. Check out all the fun water action here.

RC Boating Basics

Whether you’re into racing boats, catamarans or sail boats, this article by Horizon Hobby for Proboatmodels.com has all the info you’ll need to get started on your remote control boating experience. Providing information on types, sizes of engines you’ll need and other considerations for each type of boat, this article is the best starting place for getting your remote control boating fun off the ground and into the water. Each type of boat has their own special needs and provides their own brand of fun. Check out all the details by reading the full article here.

How to Make an RC Boat

Hobbyhelper.com brings us this incredibly informative article on how to make your own remote control boat. They give a brief history of how this activity got started and give you all the in depth details on how to get started and how to make your own boat. They also provide helpful links to more information and some handy tips and tricks for making your boat faster, and more sea worthy. Of course, the first thing you need to do is decide what type of boat you want and what you want it to be able to do. After that, you just need to get your supplies together and create your new boat. You can find all the great tips and advice by reading the full article here.

Traxxas Blast

If you want to start your remote control boating fun with a ready to run fabulous boat, then you’ll love this Traxxas Blast posted on Rctohobby.com. This incredible high performance boat is ready to put in the water right away. You’ll get everything you need and it even has options available for you to upgrade when you’re ready. This awesome beast comes with a 20-turn Stinger motor and a Nautica electronic speed control. Check out this amazing monster here.