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RC Helicopter Obstacles


One of the perks of owning an RC helicopter is the limitless freedom of exploration it offers. From flying around in your room to traversing over lakes and rivers, you can take it practically anywhere.

Over a Lake

Feeling a little adventurous? The next time you take a trip to the lake, bring your RC helicopter and fly it over the water. See how close you can get to the water without actually touching it. Depending on the size and power of your RC helicopter, you should see ripples when flying about 6-10 inches above. Just remember to check your batteries ahead of time, because you don't want your helicopter to suddenly drop in the lake.

Consecutive Spot Landings

Another fun idea is to see how many times you can perform the same spot landing with your RC helicopter within a 5-minute period. Start by placing a CD case on a table or level surface and when you are ready, hit the timer on your watch or phone. You'll want to return to a height of at least 12” each time you lift off from the CD case. The user in the video below achieved 13 consecutive spot landings, which is pretty impressive to say the least (note: it took him several days of practice). Think you can do better?

Video: Consecutive Spot Landings

Out One Window, In Another

Assuming you have a two story house, you can attempt to fly your RC helicopter out of a ground-level window and into a second-story window. With both windows open, place your helicopter on the windowsill of the ground-level window. Now, walk outside and attempt to fly it out the window, up the front of the house, and into the second-story window. If all goes well, your helicopter should gracefully enter your home via the second-story window, at which point it will probably crash into something unless you have a buddy or family member waiting to retrieve it.

Cargo Transport

If you own the Bladez Transporter (or a similar cargo helicopter), you can attempt to pick up, haul, and drop a cargo basket. This task may seem simple enough, but you'll quickly realize there's more to it than meets the eye. You must maneuver your helicopter just right so the claw picks up the cargo. And once the cargo is attached, your helicopter will fly a bit differently. Through trial and error, though, you'll eventually learn how to pick up and haul cargo using your RC helicopter.

Tree Flying

Go into a wooded area and look for a large old tree with plenty of intersecting branches. Try flying your RC helicopter up to the top without hitting any of the branches. This can be quite easy to achieve, or virtually impossible depending on the tree. Regardless, though, it's a fun obstacle for RC helicopter enthusiasts such as myself.