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RC Plane Possibilities


Long gone are the days of operating the same old radio-controlled (RC) cars and trucks in your backyard. Recent advancements in the RC hobby and aerospace engineering have paved the way for some exciting new air-based vehicles. From RC planes, helicopters, and even helicopter carriers, there possibilities are endless for RC fanatics.

Remember the awe-inspiring flying aircraft carrier, the Hellicarrier, from Marvel's The Avengers? Well, you might be surprised to learn that someone has created a miniature RC model of it. According to a report published by TheNerdist.com, the carrier's base is comprised of $1,000 worth of parts, while the motor costs just $130. Unfortunately, this early-stage model is only able to lift 15 pounds, but it's still pretty cool to see a science-fiction vehicle translated into real life.

There have actually been attempts to manufacture full-size floating aircraft carriers in the past. In the 1930s, the U.S. Navy built two helium-filled airships designed to offer long-range support and reconnaissance for the Air Force. These plans didn't make it past the early development stages, however, forcing us to peer into sci-fi movies like The Avengers for working examples.

Video: RC Plane With Jet-Engine | To Infinity And Beyond

Ever wonder what would happen if you attached a jet engine to the back of an RC plane? It would go really, really fast, of course. Click on the play button above to see a rocket-propelled plane zooming through the air. Keep your eyes on it, though, because it quickly goes out of sight after taking off.

Just when you think you've seen it all, this RC Plane has a jet-engine attached to it. Not even Superman can fly this fast ,” wrote the video's uploader.

Video: RC Plane vs Potato Cannon!

Check out the video above to see an epic battle between an RC plane and a potato cannon (spoiler alert: the potato cannon is really powerful). It's pretty amazing to see an RC plane being shot down in mid air by a potato. Given the money and labor that goes into creating a working RC plane, though, I'm not sure if I'd want my vehicles on the receiving end of a potato canon. 

Operating an RC plane is a bit more technical than a standard car or truck. For starters, you'll need access to a large, open field to ensure no one is injured and no property is damaged. Land-based RC vehicles can be operate practically anywhere, including indoors, but RC planed need plenty of open area.