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RC Racing is More Than a Hobby


Why Building, Showing and Racing RC Cars is more than Just a Hobby

In this incredibly informative article by Kelsey Skamoto for carthrottle.com, we get everything from a look at the fifty history of remote control cars to where they are today and how the surge in interest came about. The article also gives us a lot of details on where the industry is going and how it’s branching off into more areas to enjoy. From racing to just creating the fanciest remote control car around, there’s plenty of opportunity to enjoy and excel in the remote control car industry. Get fully enlightened by reading the entire article here.

What do You Like About Racing?

When author and blogger Kevin Helmanski posed this question for his readers on rccaraction.com, he started out by letting us know what his favorite things about RC racing were. Kevin says that winning is simply an outcome of having his cars perform consistently and well and that their consistent performance is more important to him than winning is. Kevin posted the top five responses to his question, and they run the gambit from Fishook who just loves the competition and watching his vehicles progress, to fnc racing who loves the comradery and helping young people coming up. There’s probably many reasons we all like racing, but each person only needs one. Check out all the great responses by reading the full article here.

How do I Get Started in R/C

If you’ve been wanting to get involved in remote control vehicles in a big way then you simply must read this article posted on Traxxas.com. Traxxas gives you the full low down on what you need to get started, the difference between hobby-class and toy-class vehicles, what the different types of vehicles are, such as nitro class or electric class and what the different options are for getting all set up to start getting ramped up for hobby-class remote control vehicles. You’ll want to get all the details by reading the full article here.

RC Racing It’s More Than Just a Hobby: Fulfill Your Need for Speed in the Thrilling Sport of Remote Control Racing

With so many people getting into all the areas now developing in the remote control vehicle world, it was only a matter of time before we started seeing some great books on the subject and we are bringing this one to your attention by KMS Publishing available on barnesandnoble.com. Whether you prefer remote control planes, boats, trucks, racing cars or helicopters, this book will teach you everything you need to know to get started in this super fun sport. One of the many benefits with remote control vehicles is that you can satisfy your love of speed, or mud crawling or speed boating or flying, and do it all safely, leaving you whole and complete even if you manage to crash your vehicle. The book also gives you the latest on technologies that help you make your remote controlled vehicle as powerful as it can be. If you’re getting started in the remote controlled field of vehicles, then you’re going to want to get this book here