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Snow Adventures w/ RC Toys


Winter time can bring a whole new level of fun when it comes to playing in the snow with your favorite remote controlled vehicles. We wanted to find some fun and inventive ways to enjoy your remote control vehicles in the snow and cold, and found some activities that are not only fun, but also can translate into less work for you!

Traxxas Summit with Homemade Snow Plow!!

Have you ever wished you could shovel your driveway from your porch? Well, in this fun video brought to us by joziebee, we find out that with the right homemade snow plow attachment on your favorite remote control truck, it’s actually possible. Playing in the snow with your remote control vehicles is fun anyway, but with this little plow attachment, you can have fun and make your driveway snow shoveling a lot easier, and let’s face it, way more exciting. We’ve included this fun video above for your enjoyment.

RC Adventures – RC Rotary Snow Plow/Snow Mover

In this video of a night time test of this beastly remote controlled big rig attached to an equally impressive and large rotary snow plow/snow mover, RCSparks Studio/djmedic2008, make a great argument for adapting our toughest remote controlled truck for taking over the driveway shoveling duties. Let’s face it, that’s way more fun, and considerably faster from what we can see. OK, even if it isn’t faster, it’s still way more fun and why would you want to rush things anyway? Proof once again, that necessity, and the thrill of coming up with a functional use for your very expensive toys, are the mothers of invention. Watch the full video here.

Workshop Tip – Installing Snow Skis on your RC Plane

Just because winter is here and there’s snow on the ground, is no reason to limit your remote control plane flying fun. In this article on modelairplanenews.com, we learn just how to attach snow skis on our remote controlled planes, bringing winter time flying fun to a whole new level. With detailed photographs, explanations, and a step by step video to show you how, you’ll be able to adapt your remote controlled plane for smooth winter condition landings. Don’t let bad weather keep you from enjoying your remote controlled plane, just put your skis on and start having some sensational snowy flying time. Read the full article here.

Super Droid Robots 6WD RC Snow Plow PLOWING SNOW!

The one part of winter that is often not fun is shoveling snow. Shoveling the side walk, shoveling the driveway, shoveling the steps, it’s just cold, hard work and a job you’d love to get someone else to do if it were possible. Luckily, In this fabulous video by SDRRobots, we get our snow plowing prayers answered with this awesome 6 wheel drive remote controlled snow plow robot! This awesome machine can plow anything and in the video, it does! Let’s face it snow shoveling just became our new favorite winter past time. Enjoy the full video just above.