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The Amazing Wingsuit


The Jet-Propelled Wingsuit of the Future

OK, thrill seekers, if you’ve always wanted to fly then this one is going to make you crazy with jealousy. Jono Simrin posting for testtube.com brings us this amazing video of Yves Rossy, also known as Jetman, get out of a prop plane wearing his jet propelled, winged apparatus and fly, in formation next to the plane! We are not making this up and it’s seriously amazing to watch. If you want to see what your thrill seeking heart will be yearning to do next, then watch the full video here.

Guy in Wingsuit Flies Impossibly Close to the Ground

Whether it’s the flyers ability or just a really great camera, the video brought to us by Casey Chan for Sploid.gizmodo.com certainly looks like this guy is flying very close to the ground. The speed is incredible and the video is so clear and vivid that you feel like you are the one flying and really want to avoid the trees and rocks. We never get to see what kind of flying suit he is wearing, whether it’s the hard shell, jet propelled type or the typical kind we see these days with base jumpers who also incorporate a small parachute. Either way, the video is astounding and well worth the time. See the full video below. 

Incredible Video Captures First-Ever Wingsuit High-Five

In this video produced by Devan Joseph on businessinsider.com we get to witness the first ever high-five from a guy in a wingsuit. The video shows Nathan Jones, a well known extreme sports athlete, high –five a large cardboard hand while he’s flying down the side of a mountain at very high speed in his wingsuit. Jones and Sam Hardy, who filmed the stunt, are part of Project :BASE, a nonprofit organization that raises money for well water building in Ethiopia. See the full video here.

Skydiver lands on a Wingsuit Jumper and Uses Him as a Flying Carpet

There’s thrill seeking, there’s insanity, and then there’s this video brought to us by Inigo del Castillo for lostateminor.com of a skydiver riding on a wingsuit jumper like a flying carpet. To be sure both of these guys are professionals and according to the article, adrenaline junkies, but we think Espen Fadnes and Bjorn Magne Bryn might just be bored and looking for something to do, seeing as the soda fountain on the corner was closed, and this stunt was what popped into their heads next after ice cream. To be completely amazed, watch the full video here.

Wild Wingsuit Slalom

In this video posted by Andrew Revesz for iloveskydiving.org, we follow wingsuit flyer Uli Emanuele as he flies some incredibly difficult and exhilarating lines. Through the mountains, and towns, we get to zoom with him as he speeds past the gorgeous terrain. While it certainly seems like he’s about to crash right into a tree several times, he maneuvers expertly around all of them to create the feeling of slaloming down a slope. Be amazed as you watch the video below.