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The Best Old-School RC Toys


Whether you’re new to the world of remote control fun, or you’ve been in it from the beginning, you’re going to love some of these exciting vintage remote control vehicles. Producers are bringing back some of the favorite old remote control vehicles retooled but looking just as awesome as their forbearers. We found some great articles that will give you the inside scoop on how to get your new “old” RC vehicles now.

5 Vintage Cars We Want Re-Released Now

In this article by the RC Car Action Team for Rccaraction.com, you’re going to get the lowdown on the latest vintage remakes available in remote control cars, and their wish list of the vintage models they’d like to see remade. With the new versions of the Frog, Hornet, Bruiser and Sand Scorcher all by Tamiya, hitting the market, this new vintage remake trend is taking off and getting remote control fans all riled up. For the longest time, the only place to find some of the awesome RC vehicles was to wait until they came up for auction on Ebay and pay through the nose. Now these incredible models and many more vintage favorites are available in their new retooled versions at a price the average RC aficionado can afford. Get all the details on the latest vintage greats coming to market when you read the full article here.

“The Grasshopper”, by Tamiya (1984)

The folks at Rctoymemories.com provide us this informative and fun article focusing on the rerelease of the famous Grasshopper by Tamiya. The article gives us a lot of great history on not only the Grasshopper but also on Tamiya and the start of the whole remote control craze that really took off in the 1980s. Included in the article are some great vintage shots of some of Tamiya’s fabulous vintage favorites and of course the newly imagined versions they are putting out now. Get all the fun details when you read the full article here.

Kyosho Lamborghini Diablo VT – Scale Car Series Kit 1/10th Scale

Have you always lusted after a real Lamborghini but in lieu of that still want the fabulous remote control version? If so, then you’re going to love this article by Bart Banaan for classic.rc-junkies.net. The feature includes wonderful pictures of the amazing, vintage Kyosho Lamborghini Diablo VT and some history on the both the full size car and the remote control version. In addition, you’ll be treated to a side by side photographic comparison of the real vehicle and the vintage RC vehicle. Check out all the great photos and fun detailed article here.

The Ten Coolest R/C Cars of all Time

The title alone is one that will spark debate among many remote control fans, but this article by Martin Grossinger for jalopnik.com is a blast to read whether or not you agree with their choices. Filled with great pics, videos of the vintage beasts in action and some detailed descriptions, this article takes you on a tour of some awesome remote control vehicles. Check out all the great choices when you read the full article here