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The Complete Guide to Airplane Transmitters


If you’re new to the world of remote control flying vehicles, then one of the things you really need to get a handle on is the transmitters and controls. You need to know how they work and how far away you can be from your vehicle for it to work. The articles below are filled with information on these and will help you become well acquainted with your transmitters and how they work.

Understanding Transmitters – Via Hoveransmile.com

This article by Eric for hoverandsmile.com and posted on maydayrc.com gives you access to three different articles that go into great detail on the types of transmitters available and what they do, as well as binding and model memory and dual rates and exponential. When you’re done with these three articles, you’ll be ready to get going on your remote control flying fun. Understanding your transmitter is key to having successful and flying fun without damaging your latest acquisition. Make sure to read this entire article here, and then click over to the other three in order to get all the latest information.

What is Transmitter Mode?

When it comes to knowing the modes on your flying remote control vehicle’s transmitter, this article posted on Hooked-on-rc-airplanes.com is a great place to start learning all the ins and out. Using photographs and detailed explanations, the article shows you exactly how to use both modes and where and how to implement those modes on various given transmitters. There’s a wealth of information in this article and it’s best to read the entire article here before going out to try your remote control flying vehicle the first time.

Radio Control Gear Explained – How Your RC System Works

No matter what you want to know about remote control transmitters, you’re going to find out everything you could need from this incredibly detailed article posted on Rc-airplane-world.com. While the article focuses on the traditional MHz radio control, there’s a link that will take you to detailed information on the 2.4GHz transmitters that are available now. With both photographs and detailed explanations this article teaches you everything about your standard remote control transmitter. By the end of this article, you’ll know how these transmitters work, how to utilize them and what the various controls do. You’ll also be just about able to build your own, so detailed is the information. You’ll want to get all the great information by reading the full article here.

RC Airplane Parts and Controls

Remote control transmitters for flying remote control vehicles can be fairly complex, but this article by Michael James, a radio controlled vehicles expert, writing for rcvehicles.about.com, puts the details of operation in easy to understand, concise language that will have you out and flying like an expert in no time. From how to use a four channel controller and more complex five and six channel controllers, to explaining the differences in all of these and the differences in capabilities of each one, the article is long and detailed and provides all the information you’ll need to completely grasp what these controllers do and how you can use them to become an expert RC flyer. Read the full article here.