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Top 3 Motorcycle Races on the Web


Out of all remote control vehicles around today, some of the most amazing are the RC motorcycles. Watching those awesome machines race around the track is always a mind bending experience. We wanted to share some of our favorite remote control motorcycle videos with you here, just in case the bug hasn't caught you yet. 

RC-Bike Worlds Nitro-Finale 2011 Lostallo

You are going to be amazed at the action packed, nail biting excitement of this video posted by MoepMoep-Movies. The video is of the finale race for RC motorcycles at Lostallo in 2011. You’ll be stunned by how fast and how accurate these incredible remote control vehicles are. The track is pretty long and the competition is incredibly stiff! Enjoy all of the racing action while you hold your breath to see who’s going to win.

New ¼ Scale MX 400 Off Road RC Motorcycle

This video posted by nitrorcx is without a doubt high tension remote control motocross fun. Prior to seeing these awesome remote control motorcycles in action, our hosts give us a full run down on the specific details of the bikes they are running. They give you details on the modifications they have made and at the end of the first racing sequence how certain elements perform. Get ready for some remote control motocross fun that will definitely feed your need for speed!

DuraTrax DX450 1/5 Scale On/Offroad RC Motorcycle RTR in Action

Have you ever wondered what it looks like from the point of view of your favorite remote control motocross motorcycle when it’s racing around the track? If so, then you’re going to love this video posted by Hobbico. We get a front row seat to the world of RC motocross motorcycles when they’re being put through their paces. The video also shows a spectator’s point of view as these awesome RC bikes do jumps, flips and other amazing tricks. You’ll feel like you’re on the back of this amazing beast as you watch this video.