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Top 3 RC Crawlers


Have you been waiting to hear about the latest and greatest rock climbing beasts on the remote control market? Well wait no more. We have scoured the net and found you our pick for the top three most awesome remote control rock climbing vehicles on the market today. From the Vaterra Slickrock to the Comp Crawler, each one has its own unique special abilities that make it stand out at the top of its class. When you’re ready for real tough remote control climbing, you’ll want to make sure your ride can take the terrain that’s thrown at it and cover the distance with ease. Set your remotes for rock climbing fun and check out our picks. Then choose your favorite and get out there and make your rock climbing, ditch crawling, rock slide torturing dreams come true with one of these top three vehicles.

#1: Vaterra Slickrock 1/18th RTR Rock Buggy

You wanted it and writer Tim Mohr for bigsquidrc.com brings it to you. The complete low down on Vaterra’s latest 1/18th scale four wheel drive mountain goat of a machine, Slickrock! This boulder bounding beast is water proof, has licensed 1.9 Intero Super Swamper Tires a dynamite brushed power system and much more. If you want a remote control truck that will go anywhere and conquer any terrain, then look no further because this massive machine is ready to tackle whatever you throw at it. Check out all the detailed photographs and specifications by reading the full article here.

#2: Rockslide RS10 XT 1/10 Scale Crawler 2.4GHz

When you’ve got boulders to cross, you want a machine that can handle the tough stuff. In this article and accompanying video by redcatracting.com, we get an up close and personal look at the new 1/10 scale Rockslide RS10XT in action. It takes rock slides and boulders like they are flat ground and keeps on going. Boasting four mode four wheel steering, awesome bead-lock rock crawling tires, four aluminum capped oil filled shocks and weighted bead-lock rims, this incredible machine will even make it through a rock slide and brake just the right amount to keep the slide in place. Don’t settle for less than the best and check out all the fabulous details and video on this amazing machine by reading the full article here.

#3: 1/10 – Scale Comp Crawler

Taking their engineering design from the big boys, this incredible 1/10 scale Comp Crawler can do it all and the folks at Tlracing.com bring you this article to tell you about what that means. Featuring a DIG transmission, solid axes, a worm gear drive, a four link suspension and both front and rear locking differentials, there just aren’t too many remote controlled vehicles on the market that measure up to this awesome machine when it comes to climbing the rocks and conquering rugged terrain. Get the full breakdown of all the special features included with this incredible climber by reading the full article here.