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Top 4 Real World Buggy Adventures


1) Swamp Buggy Madness at the 2014 Winter Classic

In this article, Ken Brubaker, senior editor over at fourwheeler.com brings us some great history of swamp buggy racing and some great details on the wacky happenings in the last 2014 Winter Classic. Along with some fabulous photographs of some amazing buggies doing their thing in the Florida Sports Park, Ken also gives us some fascinating information on how the whole sport started, how swamp buggies came to be in general and how the Winter Classic got its start. If you’re a swamp buggy enthusiast, then this article will get you all ramped up to make your arrangements for this January’s event in 2015. For all the great photos and information, read the full article here.

2) Monster Buggy Defies Gravity

picinter.net brings us this incredible video of Bobby Tanner doing an almost completely vertical drive up a rock cliff in Disney, Starting in the water, with not much of a running start, he runs his impressive buggy up this sheer rock wall. It takes a couple of tries, but darn if he doesn’t get all the way to the top! You won’t believe it until you see it, so make sure to watch the full video here.

3) This Dune Buggy Can Fly and it is Much Cheaper Than Helicopter

If you remember the days you dreamed about flying cars like they used to have on the old cartoon, The Jetsons, then you’ll be happy to know, we may be closer than you think to achieving that exact thing. In this video from Myscienceacademy.org, we are introduced to “Skybuggy” a new hybrid in off road vehicle. Allowing the driver both the fun of off road driving and flying, this awesome vehicle looks like something out of a James Bond movie and will be on the market very soon. This awesome vehicle is supposed to be very easy to drive and fly and can adapt to almost any terrain. Using a parachute and turbine combination on the back of the buggy is what allows this fantastic vehicle to fly and the separate turbine controls make it very easy to maneuver. Reaching some top speeds of 155 MPH on the ground and 55 MPH in the air, we see some great adventure racing being invented for these incredible vehicles. Check out all the fascinating details of this new mixed purpose vehicle by watching the full video here.

4) Outlaw Buggy Hot Pursuit!

Corona831 posting on truckviewtv.com brings us this nail biting video of a high speed chase between the latest rock bouncing buggy by CSC Fabrication, and the local sheriff. It all starts nicely enough, with our erstwhile driver just out for a jaunty ride in the country, but when he gets into town and spies the sheriff, he just can’t help himself and takes off speeding down the road and eventually into the wood trails. Naturally, this isn’t a real chase with the long arm of the law, but it’s still great fun to watch. Enjoy the full video here.