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Total Rock Crawling Guide


How to Get Into Hobby RC; Driving Rock Crawlers

When he finally got over the need for speed, Terry Dunn writing for tested.com, found out just how much fun rock crawlers could be. They don’t go fast, but they do go over just about anything and that in itself is fun. In the article, he takes us on his journey of testing out the Wraith Poison Spyder from Axial Racing. He goes into great detail on the differences between rock racers and trail rigs and how he learned to love the crawlers after seeing them in action. You’ll get lots of great info on rock crawlers and an in depth look at Terry’s experiences when you read the full article here.

Building Your Own Backyard Test Course

If you’re bound and determined to really get the most out of your rock crawler, then you need to have a space to really test it out when you make modifications. In this article by Axial for axialracing.com, you’ll get detailed instructions on how to create a great test course in your own backyard. No more need to run out to some remote area every time you want to test your rock crawler anymore. While that’s fun, and that’s why you’re making all the adjustments, the fact is that sometimes you make a small adjustment that can make a big difference in performance and you just want to test it out right away. When you have your own test course in your backyard, suddenly you can switch from modifying to testing in just a few moments. Get all the details on creating your own rock crawling test course by reading the full article here.

RC Rock Crawling

While many of the current monster type RC trucks can do some casual rock climbing, a real rock crawler has some very specific abilities and characteristics that make it different and this article by Michael James for rcvehicles.about.com gives you some of the ins and outs of what you need to look for when choosing the right rock crawler for you. There are some general things you need to look for in a good rock climber. They should have higher clearance but a low center of gravity. In addition, you want to make sure your crawler has enough torque to make it over those big rocks. You aren’t going to be as concerned with speed as you are in a standard RC vehicle. Michael has a lot more advice and you’ll want to get it all by reading the full article here.

Sneak Peek at Pro-Line “Faultline” Wheels

Mike Garrison writing for rcnews.com brings us the low down on the all new Pro-Line Faultline rock climbing wheels. These tough new wheels fit the Axial Yeti, Spawn, Wraith Poison Spyder Edition and most other 6 Lug aftermarket adapter hubs. With significantly more holding power and much easier to mount over your stock wheels, you’ll love these new beastly rock crawling bad boys. Get all the details on these new wheels by reading the full article here.