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What Tekno SCT Delivers


Better Than Ever – The SCT4 10.3 from Tekno RC

If short course competition remote control driving is your thing, then you’re going to love this article by Dean Berry for rcdriver.com. In the article, Dean goes into detail on the improvements and great abilities the new SCT410.3 by Tekno RC has. With a lower center of gravity, smoother gearing, larger bearings and lighter outdrives and couplers, this beast is going to smoke the competition. In addition, they’ve given it better adjustability, better clearance and made it much more durable. The folks at Tekno have taken this beast to a whole new level of performance and you’ll definitely want to get all the details by reading the full article here.

New Tekno SCT410.3 and EB48SL

Mike Garrison writing for rcnews.com brings us the latest on both the Tekno SCT410.3, which is the new and improved version of their old 4X4 and the new EB48SL, the super light new version of their EB48. Both vehicles have been completely redesigned to ramp up their power and drivability. While the SCT410.3 is still a short course monster, the new EB48SL is still a super light buggy, great for indoor tracks, these new and improved versions will have the competition choking on their dust. Check out all the latest features on these two new and improved bruisers by reading the full article here.

Tekno RC’s Official SCT410.3 Announcement

If you’ve been waiting for the official release statement by Tekno on their new and improved SCT410.3, then you’re in luck, because this article by Aaron Waldron for liverc.com, is exactly that. While you might be worried that you now have to go out and replace your existing SCT410 in order to get all the fabulous upgrades, you’d be wrong. The folks at Tekno understand that you can’t go out and buy the latest model every time one comes out that’s an upgrade on the one you have, so they have made it possible to simply upgrade your existing SCT410 to bring it up to the current configuration. Make your next short course race one to remember when your vehicle passes the finish line first. Read the full article here for all the information on the latest improvements.

Tekno RC Unveils the New SCT410.3

Of course you’ve heard all of the hubbub about the new Tekno SCT410.3 short course buggy upgrades, but this article by Mike for neobuggy.net actually takes us on the inside. With detailed photographs and explanations of all the upgrades, and a full list of the new capabilities, you’ll be lucky if you can finish the whole article before you simply must run out and either buy one or upgrade your existing SCT410. Yes that’s right, Tekno has created a clear path for you to upgrade the SCT410 you have now. With so many amazingly technological improvements, it’s no wonder everyone has been waiting with baited breath to see this monster. Now you can have the vehicle that will be leaving all the others in the dust on the short course. Read the full article here.