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Why 'Themed' Drones are Gaining Popularity


While there’s a lot of controversy about drones, there’s also a lot of fun trends coming up. With more and more people getting their drone on and creating fun replicas of everything from the Millennium Falcon to animal recreations. These fabulous flying machines are taking over the flying remote control world and people are having a blast. Check out the fun articles we’ve found and get your drone on.

Sith Lords Approve of this Man’s Imperial Star Destroyer Drone.

While the drone in this video and article by Jeff Leeson for mashable.com looks more like the Millennium Falcon than one of the space ships Luke Skywalker used to destroy the Death Star, it’s scads of fun to watch. Modeled after an Imperial Star Destroyer, drone builder Oliver C. gives us this latest glimpse of his construction prowess. The star ship drone definitely has a lot of maneuverability and we are sure that it will provide Oliver with hours of fun and really rounds out his growing drone fleet that includes the Millennium Falcon and TIE Interceptor. Check out the video below and the complete article here.

Watch These Miniature F-35s Take Off From a Flying Heli-Drone

In this article and accompanying video by John Wenz for popularmechanics.com, we see some of the most amazing drone work ever. When the mini F-35s launch directly from a heli-drone while it’s in flight, we’re certain there’s going to be some kind of mishap! But the whole event comes off without a hitch and it’s absolutely amazing to watch. Check out the full video and  read the entire article here.

U.S. Military Wants to Make Drones Modeled After Birds and Insects

In this article by Eric Geller for dailydot.com, we get a view on what the military Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARPA wants to achieve with its next level of drones. The article shares a video of a hawk, wearing a camera and flying through a heavily wooded area as an example of what DARPA is trying to accomplish. They feel small unmanned and un-remote piloted drones that look like insects and birds will allow them to view dangerous situations more effectively, particularly where remote signals are not as effective. While the agency is working on this for primarily military applications at the moment, they can see where it would also have civilian uses. Check out all the information and watch the incredible video when you  read the entire article here.

The 6 Most Amazing Drone Concepts of 2014

If you’re itching to see all the latest concepts in drone innovation, then you’re going to love this article by Jason Reagan for dronelife.com. 2014 was definitely the year that drone innovation really took off and because of that, a lot of cool new ideas are getting ready to jump all over the drone market. From a drone that assist in avalanche rescue, to medicine delivery drones, the possibilities of helpful drone technology are practically limitless. You’ll want to  read the entire article here to get the full low down on all the new drone technology.