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You're Probably Making these RC Mistakes


5 Mistakes You’re Making

Even if you’re an experienced remote control wizard, writer Matthew Higgins posting on rccaraction.com maintains that you’re probably making at least one if not all of these mistakes in your adjustments and settings on your remote control vehicle. From not setting your idle correctly to driving too deep into corners, the mistakes he is mentioning are common and that’s why he wants to bring them to your attention. If racing your favorite remote control vehicle is important to you, as it is to most RC fans, then you want your beast to be the best it can be. By reading the full article here, you’ll get some great insider tips and detailed instructions on how to make sure your RC vehicle is running at peak performance.

The 4 Biggest Mistakes that are Slowing You Down at the Racetrack

When you want your remote control vehicle to be the winner at the racetrack instead of always coming in second, then you need to ramp up your performance. This article posted on Rcwebcar.com gives a full description on the four most common mistakes remote control drivers are guilty of, and how to avoid doing them. In addition, you’ll get some top notch advice on how to set up your remote control vehicle so that it’s running at its most responsive. When you want to be the first to cross the finish line, you need to take into account what all those who came before you have learned and you’ll get a lot of great advice from the experienced experts when you read the full article here.

Redcat ShockwaveThe Top 5 Things to Remember When Buying RC Parts!

If you’re like most remote control vehicle owners, then you probably love modifying your vehicle all the time. Even if you’re not racing professionally, it’s hard not to run right out and get the latest upgrades and fancy new modifications to jazz up your current favorite. However, as you’ll see in this article posted on Myrctopia.com, one has to be careful when buying new parts for a remote control vehicle for many reasons. This article goes over the top five mistakes many remote control vehicle enthusiasts make when modifying their equipment. The article also has great advice on how to avoid these mistakes and how to get your vehicle running at its peak without having to run back to your favorite hobby store a million times before you get it right. You’ll want to get all the great tips and hints by reading the full article here.

Man Takes Himself Out with 100mph RC Car

Mike Garrison posted this video and article on rcnews.net to help you feel better about some of the more stupid RC mistakes you may have made in the past. When this group decided to do a really fast run with their latest creation, they may have thought a little more about people placement. As the vehicle takes off and gets up to speed, it swerves to the side and totally lifts one of the crew off his feet, flips him in the air and gashes his leg. Luckily, while the vehicle was completely destroyed, the crew member will be ok after a few staples. Check out the whole thing when you watch the video and read the full article here