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RC Batteries

Find new rechargeable NiCd, NiMH, or LiPo rc batteries for your remote control toys!  Be sure to pick up a suitable rc charger as well if you don&#39t already have one.  We have batteries and chargers from Hexfly, Tenergy, Venom, Traxxas, Racers Edge, and Megatech.  Some chargers handle only one type of battery, while others are more multipurpose models that handle NiMH, LiPo, and more.

Once you choose either NiCD and NiMH or LiPo RC Batteries, you may want to sort the battery lists by brand using the dropdown menu just below this text window to the right.  If you are not sure what battery to get, ask first!  Please tell us the exact model you have, e.g., "NQD HT-2879 Destroyer", so we can help.  Some toys may have batteries that are not interchangeable with most other toys.

Redcat Racing truck owners: Hexfly batteries with banana plugs will fit Redcat Racing vehicles needing a 4.0mm banana plug.  As of October 2011, all new electric trucks from Redcat except the Twisters, Ground Pounder, Sumos, and crawlers have the banana plug.  We do carry adapters to use T plug or Tamiya plug batteries with these trucks (See Battery Adapters below).