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RC Cars

We've got fun and fast rc cars for sale, including cars for drifting or racing and buggies that can be used either off road or on pavement!  Choose an electric, nitro, or gas car to suit your needs.  Electric models are a safe bet if you are just getting started in the hobby.  The Brian Deegan Ford Fiesta Rally Car from Atomik and the  Lightning STK racer from Redcat Racing both have cool racing bodies and are great cars for first time owners.  The Ferrari Enzo FXX and Sumo RC Truggy are also fun remote control cars for kids, or just the young at heart.

Mechanics who thrive on tuning and tinkering with their models may prefer fast nitro or gas models instead.  Either the Shockwave Nitro Buggy or the Lightning STR nitro car can offer a good - and economical - introduction to nitros. On the other hand, the Traxxas Nitro Rustler comes with an electric start system already set up on it for the ultimate in convenience.  If you need the biggest and baddest fueled cars you can find, check out the 1/5 scale gasoline models!  These are fantastic remote control cars for adults.  Nitro and gas cars both require proper break-in and tuning to operate, so these models are generally suggested for ages 14 and up.

Spare parts are available for Redcat Racing, HPI, Megatech, and Traxxas vehicles.  Billing for spare parts not listed in our website can be handled through email invoicing.  For more off road action, see our selection of RC Trucks.