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RC Helicopters

We've got exciting, ready-to-fly electric rc helicopters for sale for any enthusiastic pilot!  Our three and four channel coaxial helis and quadcopters are great for new pilots, including kids, and have good durability.  You can't go wrong with a 3 channel coaxial model like the Syma S107G or its iPhone controlled sister model if you want a simple indoor helicopter that is easy to fly.  The U809 Missile Launching Helicopter has become another customer favorite.  If you are looking for a small chopper that does more than just fly, the U809 could be just the one for you!

Quadcopters are the latest craze these days!  They give a unique flying experience you can't get with any other type of heli.  The Syma X1 Space Plane and Syma X1 Bee offer a fine introduction to quads at a very attractive price.

We also have some bigger rc helis for outdoor flying.  If you would prefer a single rotor remote control helicopter over a coaxial design, you should check out the Double Horse 9116 and Double Horse 9104.  The tandem Syma S022 CH-47 Chinook or Syma S034G Chinook are alternate options for an economical outdoor helicopter.  Don't be deterred by all those blades you see on the tandem - the tandems are gentle craft and well suited for beginners. 

Browse our rc helicopters for sale, or check Choosing RC Toys to see more detailed recommendations on how to select a remote control helicopter.  We also have training gear and an rc flight simulator package to complement your new toy.  Spare parts such as rotor blades are generally available.