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Shockwave Nitro Buggy and Lightning EPX Drift Car Now Have 2.4GHz Radios


Redcat Racing has been rolling out 2.4GHz radios with more of their models over the last two years.  The Shockwave Nitro Buggy and Lightning EPX Drift Car have now joined the 2.4GHz club.  The Shockwave has been a fun first nitro buggy for a number of our customers, and with the new radio it is now even better! 

What's cool about 2.4GHz radios?  For one thing, they lack the fold out metal antenna found on regular AM or FM radios.  This means one less part to break, which is great when you have little ones who want to play.  In addition, you can run multiple vehicles at once in the same area and don't need to fret about frequency crystals.  They are also much less prone to interference than 27MHz AM radios and give you consistent response over a longer range. 

What's not to like about 2.4GHz?  Nothing!